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Aussie Rules (apprentice series)

3 Trbs. Strong and energetic with great contrast. Ideal for students. More»

Fab Four (apprentice series)

2 Trpts & 2 Trbs. Spirited and lively. Another uplifting winner for the brass section. More»

Foghorn Leghorn (apprentice series)

4 Trbs. Makes you want to play the trombone. It's a gas! More »

Hopscotch (apprentice series)

Solo Trpt & Trb w/ CD accompaniment. High energy and fun to listen to. A wonderful showcase for the first chair players in the brass section. More»

Mask (apprentice series)

4 Trbs. Glowing sonorities with beautiful variety. More»

Waiting Game (apprentice series)

2 Tpts & 2 Trbs. Exceptionally fun for your brass section to play. Ideal supplement to any school band concert. More»

White Oak (apprentice series)

3 Trbs. Stately and bold. Creates the perfect setting for the young trio. More»